About Us


An IT Consultancy firm based in Malmö, Sweden, CorPremans AB was founded in 2012. This company was established with the objective of catering to the demands of a well thriving software industry in the Nordic region, especially Sweden.

In touch with all the major software companies in Sweden, we find the best talents in the Information Technology field and help them realize their full potential in all respects. We work on different IT projects in collaboration with many tech giants. Equipped with a well talented tech team working on many in-house projects as well, we provide an all-encompassing solution to many queries in one go.  

The Nordic region, with Sweden leading, has been consistently ranked high among the best countries in the world with regard to software industry. The region has seen a significant inflow of investment capital as well as the best talents recently. Having set out to realise and fulfil the requisites asked of us, we provide our client companies with the best consultants with sound engineering mind-set.