Embedded Linux Developer


- Senior experience in Linux development with both deep core- and application level knowledge

- Experience in Linux embedded and integrated systems (as well as on other platforms than x86)

- Extensive knowledge of C-programming, Bash, Python etc.

- Extensive knowledge of network communications and understanding the quirks with high latency/unreliable links (2G/3G/4G)

- Know the ins and outs of common Linux distributions such as Debian / Ubuntu and also have knowledge to spawning custom ones, for example with Buildroot

- Understand how to keep things secure and at the same time give bare metal performance

- Deep understanding of different container technologies and container management solutions, virtualization and hypervisors.

- Knowledge and experience of MQTT, Rocket, KVM, XEN, Docker, Kubernetes, (CoreOS) and relevant virtualization tools.

- Frontend setup/development experience, using for example Kafka, Kibana, OP5 as well as raw HTML/PHP(5) and JavaScript frameworks (for example AngularJS)

- Experience in software testing process automation, software robustness, fault-tolerance and understand how to develop things that can scale

- Engineering mind-set* towards system design and development

- An affection for uncomplicated (self)organizational structures such as XP**

*Engineering mind-set

                           1. The ability to see structure where there's nothing apparent

                           2. Adeptness at designing under constraints

                           3. Understanding trade-off's

**eXtreme Programming        

"Communication, Simplicity, Feedback, Courage, Respect"